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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Customer Spotlight!!

Hello everyone!! Jessica here today bringing you a customer spotlight. I was browsing the galleries and came across some hybrid projects made with Jenn's designs and I really loved them so of course I wanted to share those projects as well as get to know her a little better! So here is my little Q & A with

What is your first name?
My name is Alidalis; but I go by Dalis.

How did you first start digi-scrapping?
I started due to work, I am a computer engineer and had to make image and banners for work and one day I decided to start manipulating my photos to add brushes and text... soon the itch started to try to do our own xmas cards and next time I looked I was totally hooked!!!!

How long have you been scrapbooking?
I started officially last Summer (2009)

Before digi-scrapping did you do paper/traditional scrapbooking?
Yes, I did traditional scrapbooking for 10 years before starting w/ hybrid and now digital.

I noticed alot of hybrid projects in your you prefer hybrid projects over all digital projects?
I can't stay away from the smell of glue and the texture of paper and traditional embellishments, but must say that I am lovin' 100% digi too.

Where does your inspiration for your projects come from?
from the kits itself, I just love taking a kit and make it shine specially finding that special photo that makes you go "wow, I want to do that w/ my LO".

What is your favorite kit by Jenn?
It actually is one that I don't have yet and it is the Christmas Cheer collection... if it's from the ones I have then it has to be the Technotronic Bundle... love those 'bots!

What layout/projects are your favorites that you have made with Jenn's kits?
of course my daughter's number book using the Technotronic Bundle.

When you are scrapping do you listen to music or have the tv on or do you prefer quiet to scrap?
The quieter the better, since most of the time I am hiding from hubby and daughter to scrap for an hour... if I put music I give them my location... LOL!!!!

Aside from scrapbooking do you have any other hobbies?
I taught myself to crochet and I used to sew entire outfits for my niece, which is coming pretty convenient since my sister kept them and now my daughter uses them!

So guys head on over to Dalis' gallery at ScrapMatters and check out her projects. They really are awesome!!

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