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Monday, October 19, 2009

Crative team spotlight featuring Laurabobaura and Chel.....

by Chel using Off the Beaten Path
by Chel using Ever After

By Laurabobaura using Heart and Home

by Laurabobaura using Technotronic

how long have you been digital scrapbooking?
I have been scrapping for about a year. -Laurabobaura
2 Years - started scrapping a few months after my son was born.-Chel
how often do you scrapbook?
Almost daily! Sometimes a few pages a day depending on my schedule and free time.- Laurabobaura
Daily!! Whenever I can!-Chel
favorite kit of Jenn's so far
I LOVE Technotronic! Jenn usually does feminine kits- and this was a blast to work with! So many fun colors and elements.- Laurabobaura
Love the Technotronic kit! The robots are awesome & the papers are way to fun!!-Chel
what inspires you?
Music, my kids and color! I like to put my iTunes on shuffle when I scrap.- Laurabobaura
My son, my family, nature, colors, other wonderful LOs - could go on and on!-Chel
favorite candy bar?
That's easy...Almond Joy. -Laurabobaura
Hersey's Dark Chocolate-Chel
favorite movie?
Not so easy! Hehe...I like a lot of different movies. Disney movies, comedies and drama. I saw Reign on Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle last week- that was a good one. -Laurabobaura
Bull Durham, Princess Pride, Top Gun, High Fidelity, Gross Point Blank, Monty Python, Empire Record, Spirited Away - just to name a few!! -Chel

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Customer Highlights

Hi everyone!! This is Jessica today and Im bringing you some customer highlights. There were so many gorgeous layouts so it was really hard to choose just a couple. Here are a few that stood out to me though...(images are linked so stop by and check out these layouts for yourself)

This one titled Love My Sister by Stacey is so cute. The photo is really sweet and the colors really pop against the white background and black/white photo.

This one by Nzhinga stood out at first because of the title but then once I clicked on it and read the journaling it had me laughing. The photos are too funny and make the journaling so much better!! With the simplicity of the layout it really makes you focus on the photos and journaling.

Now this one by Jennamy82 is gorgeous!! I love the bright colors against the muted colors in the ph0to and the use of whitespace is perfect!! I just loved everything about this layout!!

This layout by Daisydil is really sweet. You can just feel the love between this little girl and her dog. I love the color scheme on this one as well. Its just an all around incredible layout!!

This layout by Uinthas stood out again because of the colors she chose for her layout. She kept it simple so the focus is brought to the photos and she is such a cutey-pie!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Technotronic Kit at ScrapMatters

Hi all! Chel here! Excited to be making my first blog post for Jenn. I'd like to show off Jenn's brand new kit & alpha Technotronic ! This fabulous kit is Jenn's first boy kit! It is packed with fun elements & great papers! I had so much fun working with it! A must have kit for any robot lover!


And check out this awesome alpha!!


Happy Scrapping!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Color Play Items and Free Template

Hi all! Laura here, making my first blog post for Jenn. I'd like to show off Jenn's brand new Elemental Scraps Color Play items today, as well as share a template freebie with you!

All of these fabulous items coordinate, and I had a blast working with them! Perfect for housewarming photos, 'We've Moved' announcements and so much more!

Here is my layout made with all of the color play items:

For following along, I'd like to offer this template freebie inspired by a layout I made for Jenn's kit, Autumn Blush.

(click image for download)

Thanks for visiting, have a great week! :)