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Monday, October 19, 2009

Crative team spotlight featuring Laurabobaura and Chel.....

by Chel using Off the Beaten Path
by Chel using Ever After

By Laurabobaura using Heart and Home

by Laurabobaura using Technotronic

how long have you been digital scrapbooking?
I have been scrapping for about a year. -Laurabobaura
2 Years - started scrapping a few months after my son was born.-Chel
how often do you scrapbook?
Almost daily! Sometimes a few pages a day depending on my schedule and free time.- Laurabobaura
Daily!! Whenever I can!-Chel
favorite kit of Jenn's so far
I LOVE Technotronic! Jenn usually does feminine kits- and this was a blast to work with! So many fun colors and elements.- Laurabobaura
Love the Technotronic kit! The robots are awesome & the papers are way to fun!!-Chel
what inspires you?
Music, my kids and color! I like to put my iTunes on shuffle when I scrap.- Laurabobaura
My son, my family, nature, colors, other wonderful LOs - could go on and on!-Chel
favorite candy bar?
That's easy...Almond Joy. -Laurabobaura
Hersey's Dark Chocolate-Chel
favorite movie?
Not so easy! Hehe...I like a lot of different movies. Disney movies, comedies and drama. I saw Reign on Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle last week- that was a good one. -Laurabobaura
Bull Durham, Princess Pride, Top Gun, High Fidelity, Gross Point Blank, Monty Python, Empire Record, Spirited Away - just to name a few!! -Chel

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